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Niagara Falls is Freezing, Only Been Climbed Once

Niagara Falls is freezing thanks to the frigid temperatures in Ontario over the past few days. The first time it was legally climbed was by in 2015 by Will Gadd and Sarah Hueniken.

There are reports of it being climbed from decades ago, but you must first get permission, which takes months. In fact, Gadd and Hueniken are the only two who’ve been allowed.

Gadd said the following about the permit process: “Eight months of permitting and working with Red Bull to get [approved] by the New York State park system. They said no initially, so we had to do a lot of work to alleviate their fears of us doing a human stunt trick there. Ice climbing is something you can do with a reasonable amount of safety. Eight months of that led to one hour of actual climbing – and it was totally worth it.”

Niagara Falls Climb