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One of the Busiest Easter Weekends Ever in Skaha

Skaha Bluffs provincial park near Penticton, B.C., is one of Canada’s busiest crags in spring and Easter weekend is usually when people start showing up. Locals said this past weekend was maybe the busiest to date.

The local campgrounds were full and the parking area was full early in the morning. Nearly every crag was full and the classic routes had constant traffic. Thanks to the Skaha Bluffs Park Watch for keeping an eye on the vehicles. You can support the program here.

Be nice to each other at the crags this spring and be sure to have a plan-b in case the route or crag you want to climb at is full. There are a lot of great crags in and around Kelowna, such as Cougar Canyon and Aberdeen Coloumns. And the bouldering at the Kelowna Boulderfields is some of the best in B.C.

Finally bought a Jumar. Hype.

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15 foot whips right into your belayer. Happy Easter Senday

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