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Ontario’s Makynen is a Popular Bouldering Zone

There are dozens of high-quality problems from V1 to V9 just south of Sudbury

Makynen is a popular bouldering area about 20 minutes south of Sudbury on the old Hwy 69 that is now named Estaire Road. The problems are divided between two areas separated by the highway.

Makynen East includes an overhanging band of rock that runs for a few hundred metres parallel to Makynen Road. The rock is uniquely bomber for the area. While Makynen West has solid boulders composed of high quality stone.

As Sudbury Climbing points out, “The rock is generally high in little crystals content, which creates wicked friction for big open-handed slopey moves, but is also pretty brutal on skin for those with tips not ready for the abuse.​”

The two hardest routes are Power and Rage V9 and Rogue Wave V9, but there a a lot of intro and moderate boulders such as Turkey Dump V1, Cleanin’ the Crack V2 and Blue Ladder V3. For beta on how to get to Makynen visit Sudbury Climbing here and follow them on Instagram below.