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Paul Robinson Sends New V15 in Hueco

Paul Robinson has made the first ascent of Karoshi V15 at Five Bimbos area in Hueco Tanks, his sixth first ascent of the grade.

The Five Bimbos area was closed for years due to environmental factors, but recently re-opened, and there are over a dozen nice boulders with problems.

The climber’s site 8a.nu noted that, “In total, Paul has done 918 boulders V12 and harder out of which 19 at V15. Is there anybody who could challenge Paul becoming the first one breaking 1,000?”

Robinson wrote on social media after his send, “I’m very happy to have made the first ascent of Karoshi in Hueco Tanks. I spied a set of holds that looked to climb straight out the steep overhang. Obvious start and a set of some gnarly sharp crimps to the finish.

“The line eluded me that season but upon some extra training this year, I came back this year motivated and psyched to try again. I re-learned all of the moves and started to dial it all in and eventually found myself on top of this very hard line for me. Always a great feeling to accomplish something that feels so tough.

“As for the grade, I am going to suggest V15/8C. It is always very hard to judge with a first ascent, but I am eager to hear what more people have to say about the line as it gets more traffic in the future.”

10 Hardest Hueco Problems

The Invisible Man V16
Desperanza V15
Terremer V15
Karoshi V15
Crook by the Book V14
Top Sirloin V14
The Machinist V14
Terre de Sienne V14
Esperanza V14
Too Many Martinis V14

Watch Robinson make the first ascent of Halfway Crooks V12 a few weeks ago.