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Philip Quade Week 14 Trip Report from the Road

From Squamish, I headed back through Vancouver. Serenity and I hopped a ferry and set off to Vancouver Island, bound for Victoria. I had an old friend in Vic who I was excited to spend some time with, and well as a meeting lined up with Butora Canada rep, James Carr.

It was my first time to the Island, and I was shocked to see falling leaves on the trees already. I spent the first night unwinding with some friends. The next day it was off bright and early to meet with James, to talk business, climbing and shoes! I had shot some work for Butora earlier in the season, with Ben Hanna, while in Rifle, Colorado. Later that day, I met James again for a demoing session at Crag X. I was pretty excited to get into a pair of Butora shoes, and they did not disappoint!

From there it was back to the ferry, and once again up the coast to Squamish, where I’d spend the next days working and climbing. On my return, I was a bit more familiar with the area, and the general flow of life below the Chief, and Squamish was feeling good. My first day back on rock, I took a beating. But I was expecting it now, so it came in strides, and kept me hunting to find my style of Squamish rock. Much of day 2 was spent working – Wrapping up projects and assignments and prepping my itinerary for the final push back home for the season.

Words don't do justice to this ultra mountain bad-ass. @ljsauter climber, nurse and all around super star, Libby Sauter was rad to work with during the @rockandicemag Photo camp this summer in #Rifle, Colorado. • Photo: Libby, scoping the crux from the no-hands rest, on "Return to Sender", 12a • • • • #climbing | #sportclimbing | #rifle | #photography | #rifle | #colorado | #realwesternadventure | #climbing_pictures_of_instagram | #climbing_is_my_passion | #mtnops | #climbingphotography | #climb | #climbingisbliss | #climbinglife | #climblikeagirl | #roadtrip | #doyouclimb | #adidas | #adidasoutdoor | #rockstar | #skratchthesummit | #skratchlabs | #roadtrip | #c_l_i_m_b | #nurse | #adventurestartshere | #livewild | #grippedmagazine | #rockclimbing | #womenrockclimbing | #flashfoxy | @grippedmagazine | @rockandicemag | @women.rock.climbing | @adidasoutdoor | @skratchlabs

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It was on my third night that I really started to unlock a bit of what Squam offered. I hit the rock with Vancouver-based Graham McGrenere, and we explored the North Wall boulders, below Sheriff’s Badge. This is where I started to find my style of Squamish Climbing. Though, I still had a long ways to go before fully setting into the style. But that, will have to wait till next time.

I headed out the next morning, Thursday, and set in for coffee in Van with some friends, before the haul to Kelowna, and the Boulderfields. My wrist was feeling pretty twingy that morning. I had been pulling pretty hard on the last night in Squam, but didn’t think much of the pain at the time. It wasn’t until the next day, rolling into the Boulderfields that I really came to terms with how bad my wrist was…

I set in, picked out what looked like a good ground of warm-ups, and prepped to climb. V1, jug-haul, simple fun stuff. And I couldn’t even pull off the ground. The pain was somewhat crippling. And in that moment, I knew this was the end of the road for my climbing on this trip…

I took some time to walk around the area and investigate the boulders and some sport walls before packing up and returning to the truck. I slowly organized my things and set out, back to town. I spent the evening at my aunts, re-packing, catching up, and repairing the flat tire I acquired on the drive down. The saving grace to my misfortune? As I was packing out of the boulders, I received a message from Celeste Wall, who happened to have just arrived in Canmore, and was eager to get out for a day on rock before leaving for Europe. That gave me incentive, motivation, and a new plan.

The next morning, after discovering that both Serenity’s front tires were a little too worse for wear, we made the slow haul for the Bow Valley.

Stoked to back in Squamish for a few more days before beginning the final tour home for the season. A little bit of projecting, and a whole lot of shooting this week! • Was fortunate enough to get an evening session on my first pass through Squamish with @carter.jenn and @aly.jebb. • Photo: @carter.jenn cruising through Jer's Extension, V4, on the Titanic Boulder in Squamish. • • • • #climbing | #bouldering | #rockclimbing | #squamish | #explorebc | #climbing_is_my_passion | #livewild | #climbing_pictures_of_instagram | #climbingisbliss | #climbingphotography | #climbingnation | #grippedmagazine | #flashfoxy | #womenrockclimbing | #radgirlslife | #mountainbabes | #climblikeagirl | #girlswhoclimb | #skratchthesummit | #skratchlabs | #racedayfuel | #radgirlscollective | #bc | #roadtrip | #photography | #flashedclimbing | @skratchlabs | @racedayfuel | @icebreaker_ca | @grippedmagazine

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