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Proposed Rail Tunnel Under Mount Everest

China is considering a railway tunnel under Mount Everest to link with Nepal.

The Guardian reported that China is considering railway linking them to Nepal via a tunnel under Mount Everest.

A railway already links China with the Tibetan capital, Lhasa, and an extension running as far as the international border is already being planned “at Nepal’s request.” The ambitious project would be completed by 2020.

The new line would potentially forge a crucial link between China and the huge markets of India.

The current longest railway is the Seikan Tunnel at 53.85 km is in Japan. A longer track is being built in a tunnel under the Swiss Alps. Called the Gothard Base Tunnel, the total length is 57 km and is expected to be open in 2016.

Other popular mountain tunnels are the 11-kilometre Mont Blanc Tunnel (road not rail) and the 9.3-kilometre Jungrau Railway through the Eiger.

The proposed sub-Everest railway  Source: The Guardian
The proposed sub-Everest railway Source: The Guardian