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Remember That ‘A Happy Mountaineer Pees Clear’

“A happy mountaineer always pees clear” is a simple rhyme that does a great job to remind climbers about the importance of hydration.

The rhyme stems from the fact that urine color is an excellent indicator of your hydration level.

And if you’re looking for a way to tell if you’re drinking enough water during this climbs, urine luck.

Climbers in the mountains should monitor the colour of their pee because it can tell you if you’re getting enough fluids.

As the summer days get hotter and longer, you risk losing more water than you’re taking in. When you sweat or breathe out more fluid than you take in, that’s dehydration.

Some signs of dehydration include increased thirst, headaches or muscle cramps, tiredness or weakness, dry skin and lips, confusion or dizziness and dark urine and/or decreased urine production.

What’s the ‘proper’ urine color? Along with “a happy mountaineer always pees clear” always remember “an unhappy fellow always pees yellow.”

But yellow comes in different shades, see the chart below to see when you should worry.

If you are dehydrated, then, other than the obvious — drinking plenty of fluids — a dehydrated person should rest in a shady place or air-conditioned vehicle or building.

Of course, food is fuel, too, so make sure you’re eating plenty of energy-dense food throughout your adventures.

It’s easy to forget about drinking water when you’re having fun in the sun, but drinks lots of water to keep that pee clear.

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