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Rock Climbing Wall At Super Bowl 2015

The 2015 Super Bowl will be featuring a rock climbing wall called the Grand Canyon Experience at Verizon Super Bowl Central later this month in downtown Phoenix.

The company Rockwerx will be building the wall that pays tribute to the Grand Canyon. There will be a six-metre waterfall that flows down the wall.

The wall will be open to anyone six or older. The five-dollar cost will be going to Arizona non-profits. Up to 20 climbers will be allowed to ascend the wall at a time.

Kathleen Mascareñas, the Arizona Super Bowl Committee spokeswoman, said Rockwerx will provide ropes and safety gear and staffers will coordinate the climbing.

“Safety equipment will definitely be available and required. It is not free-climbing,” Mascareñas said. “Safety is paramount.” Just to be clear, it is free climbing, just not soloing.

The Super Bowl Wall
The Super Bowl Wall