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Ice Season Warm-Up: Watch Sarah Hueniken Send M12

As she becomes the first Canadian woman to tick the grade with Musashi

In April 2013, Hueniken became the first North American woman to climb M12 after sending Musashi behind Panther Falls. A few years later, she climbed Steel Koan M13+ in the same cave.

Shortly after her send, she said, “A couple weeks ago, my axes finally hit the ice at the end of Musashi and I fulfilled my goal.” “A mixture of relief, happiness and anticlimactic realization overcame me. The fear of this exact moment is what almost prevented it from happening.

“Often the best way for me to finish a goal is to have another one waiting, and thankfully the thought of warm rock was a strong draw.” Be sure to follow Hueniken on Instagram below.

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Resilience. That is what this year is teaching me. Sometimes in life, through the support of friends, family and your own belief in yourself, you just need to put your hood up, brush yourself off, and keep forging into the unknown, believing you have the skills and strength to see it through. ************************************** After a tough morning on the Pomme D’or last year, @johnpricephotography took this very unstaged photo of me, trying to do just that. Everyone is dealing with things in life. It’s difficult times, confusing times, scary and unpredictable times… ************************************** The hard part is focusing on moving forward and not sitting still, reaching out to support and for support and even though we feel alone in life- remembering we never are… @arcteryxcalgary @arcteryx @scarpana @sterlingrope @realwillgadd @mountainmuskox

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Watch Hueniken Send Musashi