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Sebastien Lazure Crushing Bishop Boulders

Sebastien Lazure is a 25-year-old climber who’s been one of Canada’s top competitors for a decade and is now applying his skills to the stone in Bishop. In 2010, Lazure sent Madiba V14 in South Africa.

Since arriving in Bishop, Lazure has made quick work of two of the area’s classic problems. First, Lazure dispatched the steep Xavier’s Roof V11. “Already two days in Bishop, such a good place,” wrote Lazure on his Facebook page. “It was so windy today, we almost flew with the pads. But I’m psyche I got to do Xavier’s Roof on my first go. This climb is such a classic.”

Sebastien Lazure on Xavier's Roof V11. Photo: Lazure's Facebook
Sebastien Lazure on Xavier’s Roof V11. Photo: Lazure’s Facebook

A few days later, Lazure was back at it and sent the test-piece Mandala V12. “Got Mandala yesterday, I always wanted to do this one,” wrote Lazure on his Facebook page. “I wasn’t expecting to go to the top so quickly but stuck the first move and continued to the top.”

Sebastien Lazure on Mandala V12.  Photo: Lazure's Facebook page
Sebastien Lazure on Mandala V12. Photo: Lazure’s Facebook page

Lazure’s Sendage Card

Before Lazure was a competitive climber, he was a brown belt judo competitor. He made the switch to climbing at a young after one trip outdoors. “I soon started training with Mélissa Lacasse who’s still my coach and friend,” said Lazure. “On the travelling side, I did my first road trip in 2007 at the age of 17 to Squamish. Since then I can’t get myself not to travel.”

Lazure in Squamish:

Granite rush in Squamish from Marc-Antoine Larente on Vimeo.