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Shauna Coxsey on World Cup 2014, so far

Gold medalist Shauna Coxsey takes you behind the scenes of the first four IFSC Boulder World Cups of 2014.

Coxsey has won two World Cups this year, check out her website here.

About Coxsey, by Coxsey:

I have been climbing since the age of four. No one else in my family climbs – it was Catherine Destiville a french free climber that inspired me. I sat on my fathers knee at three years old and was totally fascinated by the sport. At first climbing became a hobby but it quickly moved to becoming my sport, passion and life.

Since a very young age all I wanted to do was climb. I started competing at the age of 7 and my love for the sport has just continued to grow. My passion is both in competition and on rock and my aims and ambitions lie across all aspects.