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Simon Messner, Reinhold’s Son, Heading to Himalayas

Simon Messner, son of Reinhold Messner, is heading to Pakistan for the next two months on an alpine climbing mission. Simon hasn’t said much about his objective, except that it’s around Muztagh Tower.

Simon and his father started a company called Messner Mountain Movie GmbH in Bolzano two years ago. They’ve produced a number of films, including Everest – The Last Step. “The idea came from Reinhold when I wrote my final thesis on molecular biology,” said Simon. Reinhold lives at Juval Castle in Val Venosta and in Merano and he’ll be 75 in September.

“We inspire each other,” said. “I have more of a technical approach, while Reinhold brings the story and the knowledge and thinks through the productions to the end.” To see some of Simon’s ascents, visit here. Follow along below for updates from Simon in the Himalayas.

Making of Everest – The Last Step