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Stanhope and Leclerc talk Soloing

Two of Canada’s West Coast’s climbers talk about soloing and climbing in Squamish.

British Columbia’s online media source The Province has published an interview with Will Stanhope and Marc-Andre Leclerc about soloing.

In the article, Francis St-Pierre, 52, president of the British Columbia Mountaineering Club says ““Will and Marc-Andre are best of breed in their sport. Most people do not have the strength of mind to do it, and even if one does, free soloing is so unforgiving that most with family responsibilities cannot justify the risk.”

The author of the article, Paul Luke, is quoted in the article as saying, “In a world dusted with immodest athletes, Stanhope and Leclerc strive to be low-ego. That’s a core survival value, they say. Stanhope says that if fear is one of a soloist’s worst enemies, ego can be even more deadly.”

For a a short video with the climbers and more from Luke, visit the full story here.

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