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Stoked at Home: Mason Earle on Hondo Roof Crack

A new video of the top climbers sending an old project

Editor’s note: During the coronavirus outbreak, we’ll be sharing videos and stories every morning from the past to keep the stoke up. 

Deep in the Mojave Desert, in a place called Hondo, there was once an unclimbed roof crack of legendary proportions. The first ascent eluded all those who tried to climb it, until Mason Earle went to Joshua Tree to check it out.

“Earle is a world class rock climber and it was a dream come true when he stopped by our humble climbing area to establish one of the raddest boulder problems I’ve ever seen. Watching a master crack climber like Mason go to work was a pure joy.”

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Need a little #covid_19 escape? Check the link in my profile for a vid of the FA of this roof crack ✨✨✨Some years ago, @giant__rock hit me up on insta with a pic of this unclimbed roof crack, along with an invitation to come give it a try. I said yes, of course. Cole has since become a close friend, and we’ve shared some great adventures in the greater Joshua Tree area (Stay tuned for more action from @giant__rock ) It is surreal to see myself healthy and climbing. I crave to feel that way again like a drowning person craves a breath of air. God I miss it #chronicillness #mecfs #aaicci #crackclimbing also thanks to @q_cressy to whom I owe a few belays! And to @eddiebauer who keeps the wheels on the bus 👊👊

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Hondo Roof Crack