This is Gripped magazine’s 20th year in print. To celebrate the anniversary, we’ll be sharing photos and stories from issues throughout the two decade.

In this photo, Canadian powerhouse Scott Milton poses in front of the Canadian flag. We published the photo in 2002.

Scott Milton

Milton talked about the photo on social media recently and said, “Not sure if I was proud of this April 2002 photoshoot or not, but at least it was funny!”

Back Story

“An American magazine published a photo of Tommy Caldwell, heroically posing with his bigwall rack in front of the American flag. I couldn’t let that one go without some sort of commentary. So I came up with the Canadian version.”

A few years ago, Milton noted that if “I was making a list of places for people to go enjoy climbing for the rock and the culture, this is what I would suggest (in no order of preference):

“Kalymnos, Greece: Quite possibly the most recreational climbing area I’ve been to. Easy living in hotels just below massive caves, routes of all grades, good food and beaches. It should be on every sport climbers tick list.

“Cipo, Brazil- a small, but surprisingly good limestone area in the hills 8-hours north of Rio. Chill setting (especially compared to the mayhem of Rio) and sweet rock.

“Rocklands, South Africa- getting more developed, but still miles of potential. Africa is a total experience: some of the best rock on the planet (maybe the best), unique wildlife, and (depending on where you are in the country) a small chance of something going horribly wrong to keep it spicy.”

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