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The G7 Hand Jam is for Big Wall and Crack Climbers

These new leather gloves will protect your hands against the gnarliest of rock

Photo by: Grade VII Equipment of Nic Vissers on Heaven in Yosemite

From the Canadian-based climbing compnay Grade VII Equipment, which brought you the world’s smartest climbing ledge with the G7 Pod, comes the G7 Hand Jam.

The G7 Hand Jam is designed for alpine big wall climbing and splitter single-pitch trad lines. It aims to protect your hands from sharp cracks of all sizes. It’s made from a single piece of thin Italian suede that quickly molds to your hands for a skin-tight fit. It strikes a balance between protection, breathability, friction and warmth.

Unlike similar products, the G7 Hand Jam is for all day wear those sometimes nasty alpine offwidths, chimneys and when moving between free and aid. They’ll keep your hands protected on chilly mountain days and splitter Creek days. Great for the Bugaboos, but they’ll work just as well for jamming classics at Val-David.

Grade VII’s design studio is located in Squamish and within 24 hours of opening the kickstarterr, they raised nearly $12,000 of their $20,000 goal. Visit here to order yours today.

Grade VII Team

G7 Hand Jam


Lead photo: Grade VII Equipment of Nic Vissers on Heaven in Yosemite