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The Julbo Aero Sunglasses are Made for Climbing

The new Julbo Aero sunglasses are designed for a number of outdoor activities and Gripped’s editor recently took them for a few climbs.

Julbo has been making stylish, functional and durable sunglasses for years and the new Aero might be my new go-to for rock climbing. I took a pair of the Aero Zebra-light to three crags at different times of day and under different light conditions.

Julbo states, “The Zebra and Zebra Light photochromic versions guarantee a wide clear field of vision, regardless of light levels. The suspended lens construction provides outstanding ventilation even in the most intense situations. The Air Link temples provide a secure and comfortable fit while remaining as light as possible.”

Julba Aero Zebra-light
Julba Aero Zebra-light

I have never had a better pair of sunglasses for climbing. The fit and comfort are spot on. Even in the high winds common in February, the Aeros didn’t budged, and I never felt any pressure points when I had a hood up or a helmet on.

The photochromatic Zebra lenses darkened and lightened as the ambient light around me changed, which helped when I was leading. Whether I was belaying, leading or rappelling, the 3D Fit Nose kept the Aeros close to the my face. They have special wingtips that can adjust to fit any nose shape.

Julbo also states they have, “Suspended lens construction with aeration that delivers complete air circulation to prevent fog build-up, and the Grip Tech inserts at the stems provide an exceptionally comfortable hold that doesn’t get stuck to your hair. The Air Link temple system employs shock-absorbing elastomer inserts at the end of the temples for more comfort and an even lighter weight.”

I used the Zebra-light with the category three photochromatic lense, which Julbo says is ideal for trail running and mountain biking. Julbo suggests using the category four lenses for climbing, but I found the three worked just fine.

I highly recommended any of Julbo’s products, but for spending time on the rock this summer I suggest picking up a pair of Aeros. You can find the details and specs here.