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The Method V12 is sent by many, including these in 2021

It's one of Canada's most popular bouldering problems at the grade

The Method in the Apron Boulders of Squamish has been climbed by a lot of climbers over the past 15 years. One only needs to head over to Sendage to read the comments by climbers from around the world who walked away with a tick.

In 2011, Simon Parton made the third ascent and said, “Third ascent. Climbing is so much easier with beta. Two years the wrong way, did it third go the right way.” A few sends later went to Sean McColl, who said, “Felt like I was climbing in Europe again.” Remember those days?

And then Marc Bourguignon topped out and said, “I’m at a loss for words. I’m so ecstatic with joy. Seven days of constant and slow progression working from the ground, pushing myself to think critically about every session to pull away something I had learned. I remember walking by the little cut in the bush on the Apron trail, seeing the makeshift ladder propped up, and dreaming of one day being confident enough to walk in and give it a go. Finally, in between drizzle and rain I was able to make my dream come true and send my first of the grade.” And in 2020, Ryan Sklenica said, “What a frustrating climb, but fun when you finally stop falling and send it.”

And this year, it has at least four sends, a few of which have been catalogued on Sendage and social media. Evan Waugh sent and noted, “Wow, psyched and surprised. Conditions were crispy.” And then 5.14 climber Tom Wright climbed it and said, “I’ve aspired to climb this boulder for a long time. Finally, this year I was worthy. All the stars.”

Most recently, Nick Rochacewich and Andrew Funk sent it after many years of projecting. Funk said, “Didn’t exactly float it, but only punted once. Sacrificed much rubber to this one over the years.” Read what Rochacewich, a business owner and father based in Canmore who sent The Path 5.14R and made the FA of Convenience 5.14 last year, had to say below. Good luck on your projects this year.