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The New ‘Gripped Outdoors’ and ‘Indoor Climbing’ Pages

Gripped Outdoor / Indoor Climbing

Gripped Publishing started in 1999 with Gripped, Canada’s climbing magazine, which is still Canada’s go-to climbing magazine in 2018.

gripped /gript/ adj. A colloquialism in climbing, meaning a state of fear, especially of falling or of exposure (the climber was gripped as their last piece of protection rattled down the rope).

Not long after the success of the climbing magazine, Gripped Publishing started Canadian Running, Canadian Cycling Magazine and Triathlon Magazine Canada.

As the print magazines continue to thrive, Gripped Publishing’s online presence has grown and now includes gripped.com, runningmagazine.ca, triathlonmagazine.ca and cyclingmagazine.ca (which includes a mountain biking page).

At gripped.com we have launched two new pages: Gripped Outdoors and Indoor Climbing. You can find both at the top of gripped.com in the navigation bar.

Gripped Outdoors will focus on skiing and snow sports, camping and hiking, backpacking and trekking and paddling and water sports, plus all of the gear that goes with them.

Indoor Climbing will focus on competitions, training, gyms, athletes, Olympics, teams, gym-specific gear and more.

Both have their own Instagram accounts, see below, and you can follow Gripped Outdoors on Facebook here.

On Instagram, Gripped has nearly 50,000 #GrippedMagazine tagged photos from climbers around the world. If you’d like images or videos shared on Gripped Outdoors then use #GrippedOutdoors and for Indoor Climbing use #GrippedIndoors.

We look forward to bringing you news, stories and more from the world of the outdoors and more coverage of indoor climbing.