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Théo Blass Climbs 5.14d at 12, Youngest to Send Grade

The you French climber redpointed Trip Tik Tonik at Gorges du Loup on the same day his sister climbed her first 5.13b

Théo Blass has climbed his first 5.14d, while on the same day, his sister Alizée Blass climbed her first 5.13b at nine years old. Théo made history last winter when he became the youngest to climb 5.14c.

At only 12 years old and nine months, Théo redpointed Trip Tik Tonik 5.14d at Gorges du Loup, after trying it for around 10 sessions. The previous youngest climber to send 5.14d was Gianluca Vighetti, who was two months older than Théo.

Théo said that he dreamed of climbing 5.14d at a younger age than when Adam Ondra climbed the grade, which was 13 years old.  He began to work on Trip Tik Tonik in 2021, and returned this year with his family for two weeks.

The first ascent of Trip Tik Tonik was in 2004 by Cedric Lo Piccolo who graded it 5.14b/c, and over the years it was repeated by Adam Ondra, Joe Kinder, Magnus Midtbo and Daniel Woods at 5.14c. In 2010 or 2011, Guillaume Lebret returned the climb back to its natural state and sent it at 5.14d. Seb Bouin then climbed it and agreed with the new grade.

We will continue to follow Théo’s climbing career as he progresses through his early years as a top European climber. Watch Kévin Aglaé send Trip Tik Tonik below.

Trip Tik Tonic by Kévin Aglaé


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