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Top Canadians Comment on Honnold’s El Cap Free-Solo

Alex Honnold’s first free-solo of El Capitan in Yosemite via Freerider is being hailed as the most important free-solo ever. Even The New Yorker has gotten in on the action with an article titled Alex Honnold’s Perfect Climb.

The Canadian author of the piece, J.B. MacKinnon spoke to California-based Peter Croft, Alberta-based Sonnie Trotter and B.C.-based Will Stanhope.

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When you look at the international accomplishments of Croft, Trotter and Stanhope, it’s no surprise they were questioned about Honnold’s perfect climb.

In the article, Trotter tells MacKinnon, β€œI think ninety-nine per cent of climbers get terrified up there, even when they’re on a rope. It’s not just the physical feat of doing it.

“It’s the mental strength of feeling secure when you know that some of those footholds are notoriously slippery. That’s amazing to me.” Trotter had recently been in Yosemite climbing with Honnold on El Cap.

Stanhope, who had recently free-climbed a rare ascent of the 31-pitch El Corazon 5.13b with Canadian Mike Doyle (who did not free everything) told MacKinnon, “I didn’t want to have anything to do with it.

“Honnold is as solid as it gets, but he’s not airtight flawless.” Honnold had asked Stanhope to help with some training laps.

And Croft told MacKinnon, “His place in the soloing world is singular. As crass as it sounds, I can’t even think of anyone who could honestly boast of being in second place.”

Honnold and Croft spoke about free-soloing on stage in 2013, the trailer for the event is below.