Top Mountain Photographer Puts Images into Short Video

See photos of Mount Robson and other Canadian peaks like you never have before

October 23rd, 2019 by | Posted in Profiles |

John Scurlock has been one of North America’s leading mountain photographers for over a decade. His images have inspired first ascents in ranges like the Rockies and Cascades.

Scurlock’s photos are taken from the sky and reveal the true size and mystery of the walls he photographs. In Canada, his images of Mount Slesse, North Twin and Emperor Face are often shared among alpinists making plans for an attempt.

Scurlock recently put some of his finest photos into a slideshow video, check it out below and follow Scurlock on Instagram.

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The great southeast face of Mt Proboscis, in the Cirque of the Unclimbables, Logan Mountains, Nahanni National Park Reserve, Canada’s Northwest Territories. The view looks northwest; Lotus Flower Tower and Parrot Beak Peak can be seen at right background. Proboscis’ summit can well be described as one of the most difficult to attain in North America, owing to its remoteness, severity of climbing, and very short season. This image was made on September 5, 2019, during the course of a photographic flight originating from Valemount, British Columbia, with refueling stops in Fort Nelson. #aerialphotography #canada #northwestterritories #mountains #climbing #rockclimbing #jaggedridgeimaging #flying #wilderness #bigwallclimbing #cirqueoftheunclimbables

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