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Uncut Footage of Gabriele Moroni on Demencia Senil 5.15a

He sent his multi-year project at the end of 2019

Gabriele Moroni is one of the best Italian sport climbers heading into 2020. He’s been travelling to Margalef every winter since 2014 with the goal of climbing the famous Demencia Senil 5.15a.

His dream came true at the end of December 2019. Watch uncut footage of the send below courtesy of Mellow Climbing.

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Catalunya, especially Siurana and Margalef, have always been my “winter holidays” choice for more than a decade… During the first five or so years, I repeated a good number of hard routes till 9a but never really tried anything at my limit. I remember staring at Demencia Senil from below countless times knowing it might suit my style but something stopped me from trying it until December 2014… That day, I wouldn’t have ever thought I had just started such a biblical process with a lot of trips, amazing days but also some shitty ones, trashed skin, blood and countless meters of tape… But at the end it was all worth it and I have never stopped believing!… DEMENCIA SENIL 9A+ ✅ 📸: @marcozanone #e9team #petzlteam #scarpaspa #frictionlabs @e9clothing_official @petzl_official @scarpaspa @frictionlabs @urbanwallmilano

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Demencia Senil