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Watch 10 Rock Climbing Whips and Bouldering Falls

Your weekly dose of edge-of-your-seat whipper action

You can go your entire rock climbing life without taking a whipper if you’re careful enough, but more times than not you’ll run into a crux where falling is inevitable.

Below are 10 rock climbing whippers that luckily didn’t end too badly. Follow Whipper on Instagram for more big falls. And remember to wear a helmet.

Fall #1

A lucky boulderer gets away with one on a steep landing.

Fall #2

Brittany Goris has a few cams pop but luckily one holds to keep her off the deck.

Fall #3

Joe Scopec takes a whipper on an Ontario project that he ended up sending and calling Home Away From Home 5.14+.

Fall #4

Andi Stall pops off and takes her spotter down with her.

Fall #5

Layton Blankenship takes a whipper on the classic Naked Edge 5.11.

Fall #6

A carabiner gets crossloaded and breaks, sending the climber to the deck.

Fall #7

Matt Gowie guns for it on a desert 5.10 before taking the fall.

Fall #8

James Pearson takes a big ol’ whipper from The Walk of Life in the U.K.

Fall #9

Jon Egil Auestad goes for a ride, which was luckily stopped by a black Alien and good belayer.

Fall #10

Jon Frisby pops off and nearly decks.