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Watch Adam Ondra Send New V11 at Historic Crag

The future Olympic climber visits a crag where he climbed when he was 10

Watch Adam Ondra send an old project at a historic crag at V11 and free-solo a nearly 10-metre crimpy route that he first soloed when he was 10.

Ondra has spent most of the past year training indoors and you can see his stoke for finally getting back on the rock. He said, “Stránská skála was something that we would call an outdoor climbing gym. Something that is very close to town and you can still train there.

“Most of the routes have been climbed so many times and there are so many variations and eliminations. But there was still one big challenge that was somehow, and it is hard to explain why left without an accent. And that’s why I decided to go back there and try to climb the next milestone and probably the last one.”

New V11