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Watch Alex Honnold and Alex Megos Send in Chile

In this short video, watch Alex Honnold solo splitter basalt columns and Alex Megos send Chile’s first 5.14d.

Megos sent the hard route during a 10-day trip to Chile this winter where he also won The North Face Maaster de Boulder comp in Santiago.

“Woooop!!! What a cool rock trip here in Chile to Valle de los Cóndores the past two days!” Megso said on Facebook. “After two days of work I managed to do the first ascent of Pasito a Pasito … Super excited!

Megos named the 5.14d Pasito a Pastio, which means “little step by little step.” He had been battling a finger injury for most of the season.

“Finally after four months off because of my finger injury I felt like I was climbing again for the first time without constantly thinking about my finger.” he posted. “It’s still not great yet but getting there!”