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Watch Alex Puccio Send Evil Backwards V13

Alex Puccio has been on a sending spree this year, logging dozens of hard sends. In the video below, she sends Evil Backwards V13 on Mount Evans in Colorado.

In only a few weeks earlier this year, she climbed seven routes V11 to V13. The climber’s site 8a.nu noted that Puccio has sent nearly 70 problems between V12 and V14.

Puccio has climbed two V14s for first female ascents and both in Rocky Mountain National Park: Wheel of Chaos and Jade.

Over the years, Puccio competed in a number of world cups and won one gold in 2009 and a total 13 medals.

A little late, but had a good weekend climbing outside! Pictured here is me sending "No More Greener Grasses" V12/ 8A+ in Mt. Evans. This climb was hard for me , the end is a bit of my anti style I guess. ? Luckily I was able to send before the horrible ☔️ storm! The next day we went for a mileage day in Upper Chaos at RMNP and I was able to get up "Eternia" V11, "Reternia" V11 and "Dead Raccoon" V11. This was my first time ever checking out any of those boulders. ?? Now taking a rest week, well just going to hike a lot, to give my arms, shoulders and fingers a little break. Love ❤️ the summer time!!! ? Thank you @joelzerr for a great photo ?!!! And thank you @sheneenagins and @james_lucas for the great climbing partners and entertainment! ?? @e9clothing @us_e9 @scarpana @petzl_official @frictionlabs

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