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Watch Anak Verhoeven Send Joe Mama 5.15a

She sent the steep line last fall, it was her second of the grade

Last November, Anak Verhoeven became the first woman to send Joe Mama 515.a in Oliana, a route with only a handful of ascents. It was her second of the grade.

In 2017, she made the first ascent of Sang Neuf 5.14d at Pierrot Beach in France, becoming the first woman to do a first ascent of that grade. Shortly after, she established and climbed Sweet Neuf 5.15a and became the second woman to climb a 5.15 after Margo Hayes. That same year, she won both the World Games and IFSC Climbing European Championships.

In June 2019, Cédric Lachat got the second ascend of Sweet Neuf and confirmed the grade. Then in December 2017, Verhoven established and climbed the Ciudad de Dios pa la Enmienda 5.14d/15a in Santa Linya, Spain.

Joe Mama 5.15a