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Watch Anna Stohr do the Rose Move on the Famous Rose Route

Watch Anna Stohr send La Rose et le Vampire, the historic and famous 5.13d route in Buoux, France first climbd in 1985 by Antoine le Menestrel.

There’s a move on the route on drilled pockets that requires a big cross called the “rose move.”

Using hand tools to chisel holds is now considered unethical, but in the 1980s manufacturing holds at Buoux was more/less accepted.

In an article written for Climbing, Jim Thornburg describes how “in 1986, Antoine applied his ‘artistic’ talents to his masterpiece…purposely chiseling the route to require an elegant, twisting, cross-body reach.”

In a quote from Matt Samet’s Climbing Dictionary, Le Menestrel explains the reason for naming the movement after a rose, noting how it “opens itself up like a rose petal and offers itself to the gaze of spectators.”

The rose move is done using a specialized crossing technique and involves refined lower-body technique to get more distance covered between holds.

Anna Stohr and the Rose Move

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