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Watch a Banff Park Rock Climbing Rescue

Joe McKay is one of Canada’s leading all-round mountain guides and is based in Banff.

Known online by many as “Mike Barter,” he recently posted a video to his popular YouTube page about a rescue.

The accident happened back in 2010 on Dan’s Delight, a big 5.6 on Cascade Mountain next to the town of Banff in Banff National Park about one-hour west of Calgary.

This film is about the highly skilled Mountain Safety Programs Specialists based in Banff doing what they do best: saving people’s lives.

The lead climber took a 20-metre fall after being hit by a rock on the fourth pitch. His gear ripped out. He fell and injured his neck and leg before the rope and belayer stopped the fall.

For a full list of emergency phone numbers visit here.

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