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Watch Boulder Break in Climber’s Lap

Bouldering has its hazards like any style of climbing. Falling a big distance onto bouldering pads doesn’t always end well.

Common bouldering injuries are pulled fingers, broken wrists and rolled ankles. But for the unfortunate boulderer, sometimes big pieces of the problem break off and fall in your lap.

In the video below, the climber is nearing the end of a problem in Little Rock Canyon, Provo, Utah, when a big chunck breaks off.

The climber falls from the top and lands out of view onto pads. You can see the final holds were in a crack, which fractures the block off.

“I was able to hike out and drive to care, but sustained broken fibula, laceration (six stitches), partial tear of tendon, a nasty scrape and a decent bruise.”