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Watch Carlo Traversi Send Meltdown 5.14c Trad

Ten years. That’s how long Meltdown stood unrepeated. Considering that Meltdown is located in the mecca of traditional climbing, it’s safe to assume that the Yosemite route—established by Beth Rodden on Valentine’s Day in 2008—is one of the hardest crack climbs in the world.

Many of the world’s strongest booted up for a go at the line, but all came away empty handed. But on Nov. 7, Carlo Traversi put all the pieces together, and clipped the chains on the route, claiming the coveted second ascent of Meltdown.

For Traversi, however, the achievement solidified what he already suspected: Beth Rodden’s legendary ascent was ahead of its time. “I still don’t completely understand it,” writes Traversi. “But cheers to Beth for showing me the way.” Check out this beautiful film by Cameron Maier documenting Traversi’s second ascent.