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Watch Chris Sharma Projecting New Hard Route

Chris Sharma is currently working on a hard project at Cova de Ocell, near his home in Spain. Sharma has been busy as a father of two since the birth of his second child earlier this year.

Sharma was the first climber to redpoint 5.15b with his send of Jumbo love in 2008, the second to climb a 5.15a with Biographie and 5.15c with La Dura Dura in 2013.

He also sent the world’s first 5.15a and 5.15b deep-water solo routes with Es Pontàs in 2007 and Alasha in 2017. Watch him on his most recent project below.

Babies and daycares and the germs…. not exactly the best combo for climbing hard. It’s been kind of a rough couple weeks hahaha but grateful for this cliff (cova de ocell) close to home that has kept my psych alive and the fire burning! Feeling like it’s slowly coming together. One of the hardest things about trying things at your limit can be the painstaking process where progress can grind to a halt and it’s like watching grass grow. I find it’s key for my motivation every day I go climbing to find little bits of progress no matter how small or subtle. It could be discovering a slight body position change or just a fleeting moment of understanding something slightly better.It’s kinda the art of looking in the bright side guess …. Anyways can’t wait to get back out there and thrash around on this thing! #enjoyingtheprocess @maximropes #maximropes @prana @tenayaclimbing @petzl_official @vertical.life.climbing @sharmaclimbingbcn @redbull @clifbar @climbskinspain

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