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Watch Climbers on Crystal Tear and Grotto in Grotto Canyon

Grotto Canyon is one of Canada’s most popular go-to winter climbing areas, with a fun 55-metre WI3, a short WI5 and WI4 and plenty of mixed climbing. Few climbers know that farther up the creek is a 200-metre WI3 M4, which sometimes forms as pure ice.

On March 9, Gripped editor Brandon Pullan and Calgary climber Cory Rogans teamed up for a variation of Crystal Tear WI3 200m in Grotto Canyon they called Beach Bypass M4 and then climbed a very fat Grotto Falls WI3 55m.

Pullan got to swing the new Black Diamond Reactors and said, “Much simpler than other aggressive tools on the market, which makes them better suited to these long alpine-style mixed routes. Nice for going over bulges and hooking tiny flakes in the rock. Definitely top-three ice tools to hit the market in the past year.” Scroll down for a short clip.

Crystal Tear and Grotto Falls

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