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Watch Daila Ojeda Send Alpine 5.13 in Alps

Daila Ojeda on Digital Crack 5.13

After experiencing the adventure of pushing herself past her comfort zone and sending her first multi-pitch, Daila Ojeda decided she wanted more.

That’s what brought her to the high mountains of Chamonix. After seeing pictures of Digital Crack, one of the highest 5.13s in the world, Ojeda knew she had to try it.

Ojeda started climbing at the age of 18, inspired by a climbing competition in her hometown.

Before falling in love with climbing, she surfed for many years, something very common in the Canary Islands, her home.

After a few years of climbing, she decided to leave the island, and she moved to Catalonia, Spain, one of the best places in the world for rock climbing. Since then, she’s been a leading climber with many 5.14 sends.

Watch Send: