Dan Osman appears in the Masters of Stone series free soloing Atlantis 5.11+ on The Sorcerer in The Needles and Airy Interlude 5.10b on The Witch and also in Needles. During one scene, he takes a 60-metre fall for fun in Yosemite, and in another he on-sight free-solos Bolder Display of Power, 5.11.

“In 1989, while attempting a new route on a difficult overhanging rock face, climber Dan Osman fell. Again and again, protected by the rope, he fell. He decided then that it would not be in climbing but in falling that he would embrace his fear–bathe in it, as he says, and move beyond it,” – Fall of the Phantom Lord, Climbing and the Face of Fear (a 1999 book about Osman, written by Andrew Todhunter.)

Osman is best known for pioneering the sport of rope jumping (controlled free falls.) During a rope jump from Yosemite’s Leaning Tower on Nov. 23, 1998, at 35 years old, his rope failed and he fell to his death. The rope failure was investigated and a number of causes were given: a change in jump site angle probably caused the ropes to cross and entangle, leading to the rope cutting by melting, the ropes had been exposed to a month of weather, from rain and snow to high temperatures. Watch below.

Dan Osman

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