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Watch Film on Czech Sandstone Legend Petr Slanina

He's established over 2,400 route over the past three decades

A film about Petr Slanina, a Czech rock climber who focuses on the development of traditional climbing on the sandstone towers of the Czech Republic. The towers have a long history of bold climbing between spaced ring bolts and knotted slings. Cams and nuts are not allowed.

Slanina, better known as Špek, has spent 30 years establishing more than 2,400 new routes in the Saxony area. In this documentary, he shows us how much time and effort it take to establish the new routes.

Most of his routes were drilled with a hand drill and ground up, he only recently started to use a power drill. Look at the size of those bolts!

Petr Slanina and Czech Sandstone