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Watch Five Big Rock Climbing Whippers

Your weekly dose of edge-of-your-seat whipper action

You can go your entire rock climbing life without taking a whipper if you’re careful enough, but more times than not you’ll run into a crux where falling is inevitable.

Below are five rock climbing whippers that luckily didn’t end too badly. Follow Whipper on Instagram for more big falls.

Whipper #1

A climber takes a big fall on Crime of the Century 5.11c in Squamish.

Whipper #2

This top-rope whipper looks fun, but would’ve ended worse if the climber hit the tree on the first swing.

Whipper #3

A trad climbing where that could’ve been life-changing if the climber didn’t have a helmet on.

Whipper #4

A slip off a sea-side climb and some big air.

Whipper #5

A for-fun whipper from the top of a climb in Australia. Victory whips are the best, just be sure the belayer is ready.