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Watch Five Films on Crusher Barbara Zangerl Today

Austrian Barbara Zangerl is a leading climber in many styles of climbing, from hard boulders to big walls.

Below are five short films that have Zangerl on the sharp end pushing hard climbs.

Good bye Yosemite!! Can‘t wait to be back ? @francoislebeau

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She’s bouldered V12, sent 5.14+ sport climb, climbed E10 trad routes and freed Yosemite big walls.

Barbara Zangerl and the climb Speed at the Swiss crag Voralpsee are the focus of the third episode of the La Sportiva series Strange Heroes.

13 Top Zangerl Sends
First female ascent (FFA) of Alpine Trilogy: Kaisers neue Kleider 5.14a, Silbergeier 5.14a and End of Silence 5.14a
Magic Mushroom 5.14a 5.14a on El Cap in 2017
Gondo Crack 5.14 in 2017 (FFA)
Estado Critico 5.14d in Spain in 2017
Zodiac 5.13 on El Cap in 2016
Achemine E9 in Scotland in 2016 (FFA)
Requiem E8 in Scotland in 2016
El Nino 5.13c on El Cap in 2015
Bellavista 5.14a in Dolomites in 2015
Pinzip Hoffnung 5.13R in 2014 (FFA)
Moonlight Buttress 5.12+ in Zion in 2014
Fisheye 5.14c in Spain in 2014
Pura Vida V12 in Magic Wood in 2008 (FFA)

Below are five films on Zangerl: first climbing in Voralpsee, second on Estado Critico, third on Prinzip Hoffnung, fourth on Zodiac and fifth on training in a gym.

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