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Watch Full Film of Adam Ondra Climbing Silence 5.15d

What it takes to climb the world’s first 5.15d? Let’s find out in Silence, a movie by Bernardo Giménez. The film had its first screening on Feb. 23. This film is epic!

It shows what preceded the afternoon of Sept. 3, 2017 when Adam Ondra, a professional rock climber and currently one of the best climbers in the world, made a little piece of climbing history when he climbed his project in the spectacular Hanshelleren Cave in Norway.

The route, later named Silence, received a new grade of 9c and became the hardest route in the world. Watch below.


Adam Ondra Biography

In 2001 (at age eight) he onsighted 7b+ (5.12c).
In 2002 (at age nine) he onsighted 7c+ (5.13a) and redpointed 8a (5.13b).
In 2003 (at age 10) he onsighted 8a (5.13b).
In 2004 (at age 11) he onsighted 8a+ (5.13c)[6] and redpointed 8c (5.14b).
In 2005 (at age 12) he onsighted 8b (5.13d).
In 2006 (at age 13) he managed to redpoint his first 9a (5.14d), Martin Krpan at Misja Pec.
In 2007 and 2008 he won the IFSC Youth World Championship, category Youth B.

In 2009, at age 16, Ondra competed for the first time in the Lead Climbing World Cup, winning ahead of Spanish Patxi Usobiaga and Japanese Sachi Amma.

In 2010 he also won the Bouldering World Cup, ahead of Austrian Kilian Fischhuber and Japanese Tsukuru Hori, and becoming the first athlete in history to win both the disciplines (lead and bouldering).

On March 2011, during a trip in Spain, Ondra became the second person ever to have onsighted 8c+ (5.14c) after Patxi Usobiaga. In only a few days he onsighted five 8c+ (5.14c) routes (two of which on the same day).

On Oct. 4, 2012, Ondra sent Change, in the Hanshelleren Cave, Flatanger, Norway. It was the first route to receive a proposed grade of 9b+ (5.15c).

On Oct. 29, 2012, Ondra flashed one of the Red River Gorge’s hardest routes, Southern Smoke Direct 9a+ (5.15a), suggesting the grade of 9a (5.14d). On November 1, he onsighted Pure Imagination and The Golden Ticket, both 9a, suggesting the grade of 8c+.

On Feb. 7, 2013, Ondra sent La Dura Dura, in Oliana, Catalonia, Spain, his second 9b+ (5.15c) after Change. He worked on this project with Chris Sharma and the first ascent took Ondra nine weeks of work.

On Feb. 9, 2013, just two days after La Dura Dura, Ondra succeeded in the second ascent of the 9b (5.15b) Fight or flight, first climbed by Sharma in 2011.

On July 9, 2013, Ondra realized the second 9a (5.14d) onsight in history after Alexander Megos, with the ascent of Cabane au Canada in Rawyl, Switzerland

On Nov. 21, 2016, Ondra completed the second free ascent of The Dawn Wall, a 5.14d (9a) multi-pitch route in Yosemite Valley, California. The route is widely regarded as the hardest big wall in the world. Ondra was also the first person to lead every pitch. The first free ascent was completed by Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson in January 2015.

On April 23, 2017, he set a new highpoint of the Black Diamond Project in Stockholm, Sweden. Believed to be the hardest indoor sport route in the world.

On September 3, 2017, Ondra sent Silence, in the Hanshelleren Cave, Flatanger, Norway. It was the first route to receive a proposed grade of 9c (5.15d). The route was previously known as Project Hard. He worked on the project for about four years.