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Watch Hazel Findlay Send Her First 5.14d with Esclatamasters

She had already climbed 5.14c sport and 5.14c trad, and is known in Squamish for having established several 5.13 gear climbs

Hazel Findlay climbed her first 5.14d with a redpoint of Esclatamasters in Spain, making her only the second British woman to send the grade. In 2019, Emma Twyford climbed The Big Bang 5.14d in North Wales.

In the below video, Findlay talks with Niall Grimes about her send. Watch the climbing footage starting just before 21 minutes. Esclatamasters climb was established by Ramon Julian Puigblanque in 2006 at 5.14d, but Seb Bouin and Magnus Midtbo said it was more likely a 5.14c, but then a hold broke and it now gets a solid 5.14d.

Findlay was also the first British woman to free climb El Cap with her first female ascent of Golden Gate 5.13 in 2011, made the first female ascent of Pre-Muir Wall 5.13 in 2012 and made an ascent of Freerider 5.12 in 2013. Findlay also made the first ascent of the now-classic Adder Crack 5.13a in Squamish in 2012.

In 2019, she sent Magic Line 5.14c trad in Yosemite, and in 2021, she climbed the bold Muy Caliente! E9 6c in the U.K. Other notable ascents include Air Sweden 5.13bR, 69 in Squamish at 5.13b/c trad, Fish Eye 5.14b and Chicama E9. Chris Sharma made the first ascent of Mind Control in 2012 and Daila Ojeda made the first female ascent not long after.

Hazel Findlay’s First 5.14d

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