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Watch History of British Sport Climbing in New Film

Statement of Youth is a new film about the birth of British sport climbing that is directed by Nick Brown and features Jerry Moffatt, Ben Moon, Chris Gore, Andy Pollitt, Martin Atkinson, Mark Pretty, Craig Smith, Steve Lewis, Mark Leach and Ed Douglas.

The 1980’s saw climbing standards rise exponentially. At the start of the decade, 7b+ was cutting edge, but by the end of the ’80s, 9a was the new world standard. By the end of the decade, the sport had changed beyond recognition and a paradigm was set for future generations.

A small group of climbers would do anything to climb full-time: sleeping in sheds underneath crags, shoplifting for food and clothes, and living off the dole. These climbers were living outside the rest of society and went on to become the most influential figures in the history of British climbing.

Statement of Youth

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