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Watch James Blackhall Send First 5.12d

James Blackhall has been one of Ravens Crag’s leading developers and retro-bolters over the past few seasons.

He has put countless hours into fixing old hardware on classic routes. His passion for the crag, that has Canada’s only 5.15, is clear by how many days he spends there and the time he puts into development.

While having a number of 5.12 sends, the 5.12d grade eluded him until this summer. “What can I say, this is the only route that mattered in my world for the past few weeks,” noted Blackhall on Sendage.com.

“Four redpoint sessions, coming back to one of the most beauty places in the universe was never work.

“Forever grateful and so Syked. Huge props to my friends who endeavoured with me. A total Tale of Mystery and Imagination for my first 5.12d.” Watch the send below.

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