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Watch JJ Mah Send Dreamcatcher 5.14d in Squamish

The famous Squamish route has been several climber's project over the years since the first ascent by Chris Sharma

West Coast comp champ and all-round strong rock climber JJ Mah sent Dreamcatcher 5.14d on the Cacodemon Boulder in Squamish in 2021. It’s one of Canada’s most famous hard routes. The first ascent was by Chris Sharma, and it was first repeated by Sean McColl in 2009.

The third ascent was by Ben Harnden in 2012 and then Alex Megos climbed it in three tries. It was climbed by Mike Foley in 2017, top American boulderer Jimmy Webb in 2018, and Nicholas Milburn in 2019. After Mah sent last year, Americans Paige Claassen and Michaela Kiersch repeated Dreamcatcher.

Watch Mah’s send below.

JJ Mah Sends Dreamcatcher

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