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Watch Joe Kinder Poke Fun at Training Trends

Joe Kinder is one of America’s top climbers and in the video below he pokes fun of training and how hawt it is right now.

On a more serious note, Kinder’s first climbing experience was in Estes Park, Colorado on a family vacation when he was 13.

The sport took over his life rapidly, and he evolved into a full-time professional climber, which Joe claims is his “dream life.”

Originally from New England with a strong work ethic, Joe eats, sleeps and obsesses over climbing. He is considered a fanatics and stays true to his personal slogan “ALWAYS PSYCHED!!!”

With a degree in fine arts and a need for a creative outlet, Joe partakes in route development as well as filmmaking.

He has climbed routes up to 5.14d/15a sport, 5.13+ trad and V13 boulders. He believes there is much more to climbing than simply setting climbing goals.

When asked about his perfect climbing day, he said, “Climbing with my girl and dog, seeing homies at the cliff, everyone making progress or sending and then rallying for dinner and drinks afterwards. Seriously… that makes me happier than anything.”

Warning: You might feel personally attacked by this relatable content.

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