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Watch Legend Lynn Hill Send 5.13b at 58

Lynn Hill is one of the most legendary climbers ever, with some of climbing’s most historic routes to her name. In 1990, she won the world cup and became the first woman to send 5.14. In 1993, she made the first free ascent of The Nose and graded it 5.13+, it’s since been upgraded to 5.14a.

Be sure to visit her website, where it says, “Lynn took her big wall skills to the high peaks of Kyrgyzstan. There she made the first free ascents of two 5.12 big walls: the 4,000-foot west face of Peak 4810 with the late Alex Lowe and the Perestroika Crack of Peak 4240 with Greg Child. In 1999, Lynn led a small team of women to the island of Madagascar (located off the coast of Africa) to do a first ascent up a steep, two-thousand-foot wall of granite. This route turned out to be perhaps the most difficult first ascent of a big wall ever done by a team of women (5.13d/A0).”

Follow Hill on Instagram below and scroll down for a recent video with Hill climbing The Orb 5.13b, a classic route in Boulder Canyon, Colorado, with Fred Knapp.

The Orb

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