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Watch Lena Hermann Send Battle Cat 5.14c

Watch Lena Herrmann send the classic Battle Cat 5.14c in the Frankenjura, Germany. The 22-year-old was the first woman to climb the grade at the famous area.

Herrmann also ticked a number of 5.14bs, including Father and Son, Klondike Cat and Odd Fellows.

After sending the bouldery line, Herrmann told Rock and Ice about why she enjoyed the line, “Because itโ€™s incredibly beautiful and looks inspiring and because with so many moves itโ€™s not typical for Frankenjura climbs.”

There are 173 5.14a at Frankenjura, which has over 8,000 climbs. One of the area’s most popular climbs in Action Directe, the world’s first 5.14d first climbed in 1991 by Wolfgang Gullich.

Herrmann said of Frankenjura, โ€œThe climbs there donโ€™t always offer what girls like: small crimps and long climbs. Which is funny because that is exactly what Battle Cat is like.โ€

The first woman to send 5.14b at Frankenjura was in 2003 when Marietta Uhden sent Sonne im Herzen in Bavaria.

Herrmann is a strong European sport climber and a leading competition climber. In the film below she talks about balancing the two disciplines.