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Watch Marc-Andre Leclerc in Spindrift on Ha Ling

The late Marc-Andre Leclerc gets a full dose of spindrift on a winter attempt of the north face of Ha Ling, above Canmore. At the end of January 2018, he and Tom Livingstone attempted one of the classic rock routes over two days but bailed when the weather turned.

Leclerc described our mini-adventure as, “Climb runout kitty litter slabs to gain hollow poorly protected flakes which are followed to the base of a chossy corner – up the chossy corner to a series of shitty birdbeak placements in loose rock – step right to a crumbling ledge, then back left on a decomposing wall which is followed to a bullshit compact slab buried in sugar snow – for some reason I can’t wait to go back.”

“Marc will be greatly missed, and my thoughts are with his friends and family,” said Livingstone. “I thoroughly enjoyed climbing with him.”