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Watch Massive El Cap Rockfall by Canadian Pete Zabrok

Canadian Pete Zabrok and partners, Pat McRedmond and Ryan Shridan, were on the east end of El Cap last week when a number of big rockfalls took place.

The massive section of El Cap that broke away was from the route the three climbers were on, known as the Waterfall Route.

Yosemite Rockfall. Photo Pete Zabrok

Zabrok,58, filmed a number of the rockfalls, including the final and biggest on Sept. 28. He and the team had just reached the top when countless tons of stone broke away. Watch below.

The first rockfall killed a British man named British tourist Andrew Foster. He was the first person to die from rockfall in Yosemite since 1999. His wife Lucy survived the rockfall with serious injuries.

Ken Yager, founder of the Yosemite Climbing Association, said every climber worth his or her salt knows the geology which they practice their sport.

“This is always the time of year where I see the big ones,” Yager said.

“It’s because it gets hot during the summer and then it cools off and the rock gets hot, cold and hot. That creates little fractures, and pretty soon the rock is just too heavy to stay attached to the wall and it peels away.”