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Watch Pete Whittaker Send Recovery Drink 5.14c Trad

There's nothing better than watching some hard gear climbing to pass the stay-at-home covid-19 time

Thought of as one of the hardest crack climbs in the world, Recovery Drink on the Profile Wall in Jøssingfjord, Norway has attracted some of the biggest hitters in the trad game over the years, but only has a few successes.

In 2013, it was Nico Favresse who made the first ascent of the line, followed by Daniel Jung of Germany, who bagged the second ascent in 2018.

So with brutal training regime and a partner in crime in Tom Randall to work the route with, Whittaker dedicated his climbing trips to making the third (or possibly fourth) ascent of Recovery Drink 5.14c trad. Watch below and be sure to stay home during the coronavirus outbreak.

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In terms of me and cracks, it's been a great year; climbs, book, indoor cracks! . Usually it's pleasing to climb 1 or 2 single pitch trad routes a year in the 8b to 8c range, but I hit a little bit of form this summer, which is always a treat. Maybe it was all that proof reading @vertebrate_publishing and @mtnbooks had me doing 🤷‍♂️ . Pics in order: 1. Recovery Drink 8c+ 2. Black Mamba 8c (FA) 3. Crown Duel 8b+/c (FA) 4. Necronomicon 8b+ 5. Ronny M 8b (flash) 6. Jon Bønner 8b (FA) 7. Crack Climbing book launch 8. @wide_boyz volumes making National comp scenes 9. Sharing crack knowledge with all you guys 😀 10. Crack is back . I'm also psyched to see how many people are starting to get involved and realise that this style of climbing is enjoyable and fun, not the knarly painful genre it's sometimes perceived as. Excited to keep bringing crack climbing back to the centre stage of climbing in 2020 so everyone can enjoy it #crackisback . 📸 thanks @mike.hutton.771 and @talomartin for being there to capture all the crack action 💪

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Recovery Drink